We asked 8 Singaporean (graduate) women this pertinent question: Would you date a man who’s not as educated as you?

  • Woman #1 

Angela, 29, who received private uni education, said that she might be able to accept the man if he was hardworking and humble. She candidly says, “Can be street smart or not?”

“I’m already very dumb liao. If the person more dumb than me how? I think I might consider being single ba. If not become Dumb and Dumberer!”

We had a good laugh but agreed that the other party should ideally bring some smarts to the table. “I hope that we can grow intellectually together,” she says.

  • Woman #2

Hui Min, 35, who has a Master’s degree in pharmaceuticals, believes that it isn’t all about education. “Will he be able to connect with me?” she wonders.

“Sometimes, it is not just about education. Even with education, not many can connect with me,” she recounts. “I would like someone who can connect with me not just intellectually but spiritually.”

  • Woman #3

Sally, 29, an auditor, gave an outright “no”.

“I’m fine if the guy draws a lower income than me,” she says, “But we should have the same frequency. With lower education, I suppose there might be more conflicts.”

Sally further ponders on the question and muses, “I think though that there are successful entrepreneurs who are not as educated, but also others who are just living aimlessly.”

“To me, I guess I just want a guy who has ambition.”

  • Woman #4 

Alicia, 30, a Master’s degree holder, says, “I would want him to have at least a degree.”

“But I think it depends,” she continues. “If a guy has a diploma but has an established career, then I think that’s fine. I need that stability.”

True that. It takes more than just love to keep a family… we need resources!

  • Woman #5

Regina, 25, a public relations associate, adopts a different mindset. “I will be able to accept him because education level doesn’t define his capabilities.”

“Someone with an O Level cert could be earning more than a uni grad, to be honest.”

  • Woman #6

Anita, 29, a public servant, says, “I think there might be a barrier at the start, but perhaps if I fall in love with the guy, it might be another story. But we must be on the same frequency.”

“There are people who got their degrees, but are on a different frequency from other degree holders. There are also some diploma holders who are on the same frequency as degree holders.”

  • Woman #7

Priscilla, 29, an auditor, says, “Doesn’t matter to me. As long as he is able to have a good job or business, and we can connect emotionally, I will be able to accept him.”

  • Woman #8

Valerie, 29, a public servant, believes that it’s more than just qualifications. “If he has a stable job, and is a respectable man, and we have chemistry, education will be less of an issue.”


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