This is pretty weird to blog about, but I talked to a friend recently about wanting to conceive. She suggested heading to the pharmacy to get a fertility test kit that will let you know when are your “peak” days.

Off I went the next day to Watsons. Embarrassedly, I asked a staff in hushed tones, “Do you have fertility test kits?” To my greatest embarrassment she said in a pretty friendly and upbeat tone (read: LOUD), “Ovulation kit is it? It’s over THERE.”

I scurried off to where she gestured to, and checked out the shelves. There were plenty of pregnancy kits (sigh), and only two fertility kit options. One was going for 5 sticks for $34, and the other was going for 10 sticks for $60. Naturally I’m more inclined towards the cheaper option, i.e. 10 sticks for $60.

I opened the pack and these were what I got. I didn’t expect the tools to look so sophisticated. Isn’t it just a stick and we just pee on it or something? This looks like… Pocky…

I studied the instructions carefully, then inserted the first “Pocky” stick into the holder. I peed on the stick, and waited for the results. The indicator said I wasn’t fertile. Oh well. WEIRD POST. But ok. Now you  know how it works. Kthxbye.


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  1. I didn’t know this existed.



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