It was a weekday lunch and I had a lunch appointment set to catch up with a secondary school friend of mine. We decided to meet in Square 2 at Novena, where we could be spoilt for choice when it comes to food.

My friend zoomed right into TungLok Teahouse, a restaurant known for its conveyor belt. We ordered a plate of seafood noodles and fried beancurd roll, and I apologise that as I was enjoying the meal so much, I didn’t manage to take a photo of the fried beancurd roll!

We placed our orders via the iPad mini and we were thrilled moments later when the food arrived on a sleek black tray next to our table. Talk about wow!

I was having so much fun taking photos of the food and the food delivery system that the waitress politely told us to send the tray back to the kitchen so that others could be served.

So I clicked the red button that was lit up, and the tray went back to the kitchen. At which point my friend shrieked, “Eh take the food! If it goes back, you better pay for it!”


I was glad I remembered to collect the food before the tray was sent back. The noodles were heavenly! It was springy, juicy and wet at the same time, and came with a generous serving of prawns and fish slices.

I definitely will be back for this dish again. It’s about $17 but it’s so yum! This restaurant is also perfect for families. Will bring mum here next time!

Tunglok Teahouse
Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive, 01-73, 307506


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