A not-so-wonderful week has ended, so I couldn’t wait to plan a fantastic weekend for myself. What a better way to spend my weekend than a trip to the farms?

Farms in Singapore, you say?

Yes, farms in Singapore! I hopped on bus 975 from Hillion Mall, and took myself out into the beautiful forest routes of Lim Chu Kang. There, I alighted right outside Hay Dairies Goat’s farm, and walked under the (rather hot) sun for about 3 minutes before reaching the farm’s entrance.

The first thing I was glad to notice was that there were plenty of drinks (other than goat’s milk) for sale. Feel free to quench your thirst anytime!

You can also feed the goats if you like. Lots of kids had these packs of hay in their hands. Pls remember not to feed the plastic wrappers to the goats (they may snatch it from you!).

In case you are interested, there’s a Farmers2U restaurant as well. I haven’t managed to check it out, but pls do!

If you are feeling adventurous, you can even hop onto a hop-on-hop-off bus! It takes you to several farms. I think it’s $3 per person. Here’s the bus schedule as follows.

You can buy a bottle of goat’s milk for $2.50. Otherwise, don’t worry about travelling all the way here for goat’s milk. You can get Hay Dairies’ milk at several supermarkets around Singapore as well!

Here is a random piece of advisory. Such is their love for their milk!

Without further ado, I went straight into the goats’ petting area.

This reminds me… I could smell the goats from eons away! Haha. Strangely, once you’re there long enough, you don’t actually smell the goats anymore.

Here are my best photos of the goats.

There were big ones and baby ones. The baby ones were really cute!

Here, a kid was petting a kid. Get it? Get it? Awww. Haha.

I realised at this point that goats can be quite… smiley. No?

Of course, I caught them peeing! Urgh. Sorry to ruin your appetite.

This little rascal managed to escape from his cage! Check out his innocent yet smirky smile!

He stood up and… read the rest of the post to find out what he did!

The escapee started to walk up and down the aisle like he’s boss. He also tried to unlock the cages of his other friends. It was then I realised that goats are REALLY REALLY smart. Gosh.

I panicked and tried to keep the little goat from escaping the farm. Another visitor offered to help inform the staff at the main counter that a goat has escaped.

To my greatest surprise, the other visitor told me that the staff said it’s the norm! It was very normal to have goats escaping. Haha. Oh dang. I wasted like 20 minutes of my time waiting for the staff to come over.

A kid was chuckling at the kid! Oh yeah, in this photo I managed to capture a shot of the escapee trying to open the gates for everyone else.

Sorry to interrupt your viewing. There was also a family cat!

This was the stall that sells goat’s milk and all sorts of drinks.

Bye, Hay Dairies! Hope I can be back soon!

Hay Dairies Pte Ltd
3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4
Singapore 718859

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