The Singapore government has presented three series of “Happy Can Already” or “欢喜就好“, a comedy tv series featuring Liang Xi Mei (Jack Neo), Singapore’s favourite housewife, Mark Lee, Henry Thia, and all our favourite local comedians.

The following are episodes from Season 1, which was broadcast from 2 December 2016 to 3 February 2017. Enjoy!

Episode 1

Singapore’s favourite comedy family is back! In this episode, Albert buys home fried chicken wings. Grandpa wanted to eat it, but Robert explains that eating it is unhealthy.  It’s deep-fried, and Grandpa would suffer from high blood pressure. His heart vessels would be clogged from Tuas to Changi Airport. Young people will also contract diabetes. Prevention is better than cure. It’s also timely for Grandpa to go for a medical checkup.Pioneer Generation seniors who don’t have diabetes or have not done any screenings, their first screening for diabetes will be free. If they are diagnosed with diabetes, they can enjoy subsidies of $90 to $135 if they have the CHAS card. This card is for chronic conditions. Symptoms of diabetes include blurred vision, blindness and foot infections. Liang Ximei advises her family members to eat less oil, less sugar and less salt. Avoid deep-fried and fatty food. Choose light food.

Episode 2

Liang Ximei asks Albert to clean the house, but Albert obviously didn’t. Liang Ximei tells him that it is wrong to lie. Cantonese Auntie Ah Po comes to Liang Ximei’s house and tells the story of her grandkid being kidnapped, and she got conned of money. Liang Ximei advises Ah Po not to fall prey to these conmen. The Singapore Government will not call to ask you for your bank account number or IC number. Liang Ximei gets a call telling her she has won a prize. Watch to find out if she gets conned!

Episode 3

Robert gets angry as his favourite “Lao Fu Zi” comic is torn. Liang Ximei accidentally reveals the reason she tore his comic. Liang Ximei organises a food preparation gathering for her family. Senior Minister of State for Health Dr Amy Khor visits Liang Ximei shares the “3M” as well as health tips.

Episode 4

It’s Christmas Eve. Liang Ximei shares the 3 steps when encountering terrorism. First, run. If you can’t run, hide. When you have safely hidden, text the police at 71999 if you can’t call. A suspicious parcel was discovered outside Liang Ximei’s door. Kolianna Lotus and Elvis Presley visit Liang Ximei. Find out what they did with the suspicious parcel!

Episode 5

Liang Ximei came back from the market with her son and daughter-in-law. Robert complains that Liang Ximei haggles too much in the market. Robert suggests she buys groceries online, and learns how to use the computer. Fat Auntie introduces to her the Lease Buyback Scheme, which is a scheme that enables one to sell part of a HDB lease back to the government, or rightsize to a smaller flat.

Episode 6

Robert gifts Liang Ximei some clothes designed by a French designer named William Scorpion Malulian Ahmad Guheng. He said that the designer only designs one piece of clothing a year. However, Merlion King, who recently changed his career from pizza delivery to chicken delivery, also bought a new top. Liang Ximei’s dear friend Nonya Ah Keow visits her family. Auntie Keow shares that she is taking a nursing course under the Professional Conversion Programme.

Episode 7

Robert and Albert need money and are asking Liang Ximei for money (from her CPF). Liang Ximei says she will never take her CPF money out as it’s 4% interest, which was higher than most banks. Cantonese Granny shares that her husband withdrew all his CPF savings and tells Liang Ximei her lifelong dreams. Aunty Lucy visits Liang Ximei and gives some advice.

Episode 8

Senior Minister of State for Health and Communications & Information Chee Hong Tat sings a song and introduces Silver Infocomm Junctions and National Silver Academy, where the elderly can pick up computer skills and more. Liang Ximei organises a mahjong session. Ms Tan (Kym Ng) of City Beat visits Liang Ximei and teaches her how to keep her brain healthy and functioning. Liang Ximei tells the audience about the government’s SkillsFuture initiative.

Episode 9

It’s Chinese New Year Eve. Liang Ximei waits Robert and Albert to come home for reunion dinner. A HDB “Contractor” tries to sell an upgrading package to Liang Ximei. Liang Ximei’s kampong friend Uncle Yankee visits her. Liang Ximei shares about the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) Programme, which Uncle Yankee claims was his idea. Robert and Albert would like to wear black clothes for the New Year, but Liang Ximei objects.

Episode 10


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