We hope you’ve enjoyed our post on Season 1 of Happy Can Already. In this post, we bring you the links from Season 2 of Happy Can Already. Enjoy, and have a good laugh!

Episode 1

Liang Ximei is back from China and comes home to a messy home. Albert is glad to see her as he doesn’t have variety in his food. Robert explains to Liang Ximei that he has a menu for Albert each day with Set A, Set B, Set C and Set D. Liang Ximei is upset to learn that Lion King has moved in next door. It’s also her birthday and she comes home to find that her cake has turned from a round one into a square one!

Episode 2

Robert and Albert cooks Liang Ximei breakfast, and Liang Ximei is suspicious. Robert and Albert reveals that they plan to retire as they have found an investment opportunity by Mr LK. Mr LK urges Liang Ximei to invest $60,000 with him. An ex-classmate of Liang Ximei, Mr Unbelievable, visits her and advises her to check if a company is legitimate and registered with MAS before making any investments.

Episode 3

Liang Ximei tries using Facebook and posted that she was lonely. Strange visitors came to her place, including the team leader of the Lonely Women Foundation. A man (Chen Jian Bing) even comes into her house to propose to her! Liang Ximei’s dad comes home with his IT teacher, Xiang Yun. She shares that it takes 6 hours to teach Ah Kong the one-hour IT course. Xiang Yun advises the audience to be careful with their personal information, as well as how to create strong passwords.

Episode 4

Ah Kong was “kissed” by a bike when walking along a footpath and returns home from his hospital stay. Robert and Albert discuss with Liang Ximei the possibility of sending Ah Kong to a Home for the Aged. The three of them decide to break up the day into shifts. Cantonese Auntie visits Liang Ximei and was shocked to find Ah Kong covered under a blanket. Liang Ximei tries to hire a nurse, who turned out to be a weirdo.

Episode 5

Robert and Albert returns from a walk with Ah Kong and Ah Kong insists on wearing his reflective vest. Robert dreams of the lucky number 5566 and asks Liang Ximei to bet $200 big and $200 small on the number. Liang Ximei chooses to help Robert save the $400. Auntie Lucy visits Liang Ximei and shares with her the concept of active ageing. Aerobics teacher Ling Xiao demonstrates an aerobics session. Parliamentary Secretary Baey Yam Keng visits Liang Ximei and encourages Liang Ximei to sign up for ActiveSG. Elderly can also sign up for courses by the Silver Arts at the People’s Association Silver Academy.  Liang Ximei encourages seniors to participate in courses at Community Centres.

Episode 6

In view of water price hikes come 1 July, Liang Ximei questions Robert why he takes 3 hours to take a shower, and Robert gets upset. Ah Kong says that women won’t be able to talk to men, and that he and Albert will use “man talk” on Robert. Ah Kong, Robert and Albert demonstrate how they shower. Michelle Hsieh of Taiwan visits Liang Ximei and gives advice on personal hygiene and tips on saving water.


Episode 7

Liang Ximei is frustrated that her family wouldn’t help to keep the house clean. They suspect that Ah Kong is senile, and plan to hire a helper. However, it seems that everyone is interested in the job. Cantonese Auntie wants to be a maid, and Merlion King works in a maid agency now. Liang Ximei’s family agree to test both maids out.


Episode 8

Ah Kong starts to become forgetful and insists on holding a concert. He appears senile and Robert suspects that Ah Kong has been possessed. The legendary Crystal Prince visits Liang Ximei at the right time. Crystal Prince recommends three crystals from the Himalayas, which costs $500 each. He also recommends five crystals from the Crystal River in Turkey. These Turkey marbles should be swallowed. Each marble costs $1000. The free gift was the crystals from Mount Fuji. Cantonese Auntie chases the Crystal Prince away and recommends her candles. Ah Kong suddenly disappears and was found singing in the middle of the road. He displays further signs of dementia! Liang Ximei gives the audience tips on how to prevent dementia. Albert recommends GetActiveSG initiatives for the whole family.

Episode 9

Liang Ximei calls Cantonese Auntie to ask if she can come help look after Ah Gong. Ah Gong wants to urinate but does it in the living room! Ah Gong seems to have a hearing problem and Liang Ximei encourages Ah Gong to wear a hearing aid. But Ah Gong insists that he isn’t old and requests for Liang Ximei and Cantonese Auntie to participate in a game of Police and Thief. Ah Gong’s daughter, Da Gu, visits Liang Ximei. Robert suggests that Ah Gong be Sima Buping instead. The family realises Ah Gong is ill and Robert suggests to bring Ah Gong to a community hospital. Da Gu suggests a day care centre instead, and that there are may subsidies available.

Episode 10

Robert and Albert takes Liang Ximei and their family on a holiday. Robert tells Lion King to be the “CCTV” for the house while they were away, while Liang Ximei asks Cantonese Auntie to take care of their house while they were gone. While Lion King and Cantonese Auntie were showering, two burglars came in to Liang Ximei’s house and cleared the house! Liang Ximei and family finally comes home on the same day, because they got their holiday dates wrong. To their horror, they have been burglarised! Watch how they resolved the case!

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