After years of planning, LTA has released the locations of the 24 stations of the Jurong Region Line.

JS 1 – Choa Chu Kang

This map presents an extension of the existing CCK MRT station, as well as a new bus interchange that connects to the Lot One area.


JS2 – Choa Chu Kang West

This MRT station is located diagonally across from Sunshine Place. Awesome, because this area is in serious need of a train station. People have been relying on the feeder service to take them to CCK MRT.




JS5 – Corporation

This station is located right next to Jurong Junior College. It’s hurray for people in Boon Lay. Students can get home easily. Oh, and Google’s employees too.


JS6 – Jurong West

I can’t believe Jurong West finally has its own station. Congratulations, folks! This ones right outside St Joseph’s Home and Singapore Boys’ Home.


JS7 – Bahar Junction

Bahar Junction makes it easier for Boon Lay Secondary and Westwood Primary students to get to school. Great location!


JS8 – Boon Lay

Boon Lay Station is set to expand! Jurong Point Extension 3, perhaps?


JS9 – Enterprise

Best name of all. Enterprise Station. Walking distance from Safra Jurong, and serves a bunch of industrial companies too.


JS10 – Tukang

Tukang brings you deeper into Jurong Industrial Estate. It’s right outside the JTC MedTech Hub and the iconic Caterpillar building.


JS11 – Jurong Hill

Jurong Hill is right next to Jurong Hill Park, and walking distance to Jurong Bird Park. But the Bird Park’s gonna fly to Mandai. So yeah, whatever’s going to happen here, it’s going to be great!


JS12 – Jurong Pier

Our Jurong Island friends are probably partying the night away by now. A train station right outside the Jurong Island checkpoint! Makes life so much easier!




JE2 – Tengah Park

Tengah Park Station is right outside Dulwich College, a beautiful English-looking school. There are plenty of upcoming developments in the area, so it’s a pleasant surprise for residents-to-be.


JE3 – Bukit Batok West

This station is located at the entrance of PIE. Serves the happy residents living on the edge of Jurong.


JE4 – Toh Guan

Toh Guan Station is nestled in a tranquil Jurong neighbourhood.


JE5 – Jurong East

As if it isn’t crazy enough, all these means Jurong East has to further expand!


JE6 – Jurong Town Hall

It’s smiles all around for employees at the International Business Park!


JE7 – Pandan Reservoir

To visit the reservoir, you no longer have to take a bus. But this station serves a neighbourhood with few amenities. Ayer Rajah residents will just be a “hop away” from Jurong, as Foo Mee Har says. But don’t stop at the connectivity – more supermarkets, shops and food centres, please!


JW1 – Gek Poh

Wow, looks like Westwood Primary students have two MRT stations to choose from!


JW2 – Tawas

Tawas serves JTC’s CleanTech Park, a green business park dedicated to growing sustainable and innovative industries. Lovely Jurong Eco-Garden in the heart of the park as well.


JW3 – Nanyang Gateway

Nanyang Gateway brings you to the halls and residents of NTU. No more waiting for…


JW4 – Nanyang Crescent

Teachers-to-be at NIE will have something to look forward to!


JW5 – Peng Kang Hill

Perfect for NTU students rushing to class. Or rushing home!


Wait a minute… for the last one – did they mean barbeque? Lol.

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