Malaysia took to the polls today, 9 May 2018. Voting closed at 5pm.

If you are wondering what are the demographics of Malaysia’s voters, here are a few statistics for you.

1.      Age Groups

41% of registered voters are in the 21 to 39 age group, 39% of voters are in the 40 to 59 age groups, and 18% of voters are in the 60 to 79 age group. I’m amazed that there were Malaysians above 80 years of age who took the trouble to go to the polls.

2.    Bigger Proportion of Young Voters

This time round, the youngest age group increased by a whopping 10%. In 2013, 30% of voters were in the 21 to 39 age bracket. This year, this age group formed a larger proportion of voters at 40%.

3.    Unregistered Voters

Out of 18.7 million eligible voters in Malaysia, 3.8 million did not register for voting. Out of the 3.8 million unregistered voters, a majority was in the 21 to 30 age group. Growing apathy, perhaps?

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