I was exploring Bukit Panjang Plaza when I came across the Public Library on the third floor of the mall. It was beautifully furnished, with a fun and welcoming layout that’s like a little Bookworm wonderland.

On one side of the third floor was the children’s section, which comes with a really fun Willy Wonka-like bookdrop where you can see your book travelling along the conveyor belt and sorted out towards the end of the process chain.

The children’s section was also complete with little clusters of books, so low that babies and toddlers can help themselves to any book they like!

The bookshelves were interestingly shaped, and the layout begs to be explored, just that I don’t know if it’ll be easy to locate a particular book given the curved shelves.

Who says libraries have to come with straight, traditional shelves anyway? I wish I were a kid again, and I’ll keep myself occupied in these little craters!

Over at the other side of the third floor is the Adult and Teens Zones.

I love it so much that it says “Volunteer-Run Space”, and there was really a volunteer walking the ground! I’m so appreciative of these volunteers.

It’s a similar look, except the shelves were more adult-height. Haha.

A friendly sign says we can return library items round the clock! Looks like the library is open round the clock!

The layout is really pretty too. I like the little cones that are so artfully designed. Spirals, spirals everywhere.

Did I mention that there are plenty of comfy seats for you to plonk in and enjoy a good book? Man… I really love this library! Can’t wait to be back to finish a book the next time I’m here!

Bukit Panjang Public Library
1 Jelebu Road
Bukit Panjang Plaza
Singapore 677743


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