I was walking home one night when I saw this poster at the bus stop. I wouldn’t have stopped to take a photo of the poster if not for the word “tribe”, which caught my attention. (Yes I do have a fascination with hidden tribes and traditions.)

It seems that this Social Service Tribe organisation was created as a platform to inspire Singaporeans to choose social service as a career of choice. It’s of course supported by the National Council of Social Service, or NCSS in short. 


Whether you are a student or a mid-career professional, do check out Social Service Tribe’s website to get your hands on career guides, write-ups on the range of professions available in social service, as well as how you can acquire the right skills to get there.

The website also provides you with links to training and development schemes such as the Sun Ray Scheme, Professional Conversion Programmes, as well as Internships.

No matter where your passion lies, Social Service Tribe believes you can make a meaningful impact on the community.

Check out their website at this link, and follow these great people on Facebook!

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