Ever wondered how can we get our tax returns automatically filled? For the majority of us, we enjoy a simplified tax filing process and we have our employers and IRAS to thank.

1.8 million of us in Singapore are fortunate to be working in companies that have participated in IRAS’ Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS).

This means that most of our companies provide IRAS with details on our salaries, and these details are hence automatically pre-filled in our tax returns. That’s why so many of us don’t even need to file our taxes (i.e. on the no-filing scheme)!

Believe it or not – many Singaporeans still take pains to key in their salary details in their tax forms. If you are one of them, urge your employer to get on the AIS scheme right away! (Get your company to apply for it here)

If you can’t get them to budget, fret not. As part of the government’s initiative to take things online, the AIS scheme has been made compulsory for some companies.

For instance, from Year of Assessment 2015, it is compulsory for employers with 10 or more employees to come onboard the scheme. From Year of Assessment 2018, participation in AIS will be compulsory for employers with 9 or more employees. We see what you did there!

If your company still isn’t taking steps, push for the Auto-Inclusion scheme right away! Rally to get your company on board to enjoy seamless tax filing and save time and effort from keying in your tax returns every year!

For more information, please visit IRAS’ website at this link.


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