Here are the episodes for Happy Can Already Season 3. If you like these videos, be sure to pass on this page’s link to a friend. Enjoy!

Episode 1

Liang Ximei returns in Season 3 of Happy Can Already as a judge of her neighbourhood court. Her assistant Zhan Zhu introduces Gao Youda, a public prosecutor and Queen’s Counsel, as well as super lawyer Mr Ronaldo de Kopi-O from BBC, or Bras Basah Complex. Today’s plaintiff was Feng Piaopiao, and the defendent was Mr Phua Long Gao. They were father and daughter, and the daughter’s real name was Phua Sai Kang. Sai Kang is suing her father Long Gao for always wandering around instead of staying at home.  However, whenever Long Gao forgets to feed the bird Sai Kang bought for him, Sai Kang scolds him. Super lawyer Kopi-O claims that by forcing Long Gao to stay at home, it is imprisoning him at home. To prove Long Gao has been taking useful classes at the community centre, Long Gao recites:

“When the phone rings, green, green,
I pink up the phone,  yellow, blue is this?
White do you want? You don’t purplely call me
You make me angry, I will not call you black!”

Episode 2

Gao Youda introduces the app. Gao Youda introduces his client, Lion King. He is suing his neighbour on top of him, who he claims plays with marbles at night. The defendant is Mr Unbelievable, who claims that the marble bouncing sounds came from the unit above him. Mr Unbelievable requests the court to summon Mrs Unbelievable, known as Seow Cha Bo, to explain the matter to the court. Seow Cha Bo says that the sound comes from the water pipes, and asks a water pipe contractor to explain.

Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5


Episode 6


Episode 7


Episode 8


Episode 9


Episode 10

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