The Lion City Project by Keith Loutit

Today we discovered Sydney photographer and filmmaker Keith Loutit’s work on Singapore. Called The Lion City Project, Keith Loutit started his long-term filming in Singapore (2013 – current) to reveal changes that are otherwise invisible to us. The result is a constantly evolving picture of a city changing on a timescale that would otherwise remain unseen.

Explaining his passion for the project, Loutit says, “Singapore’s got nowhere to grow, it’s not like a lot of places in the world where cities sprawl and get bigger. In Singapore things tend to get taken down before they get built up. It has to be creative in how it plans for development. And so for me that’s a story. It’s like the modernization of Singapore and seeing it almost reinvent itself every few years.”

Here are our favourites videos:


Catch Keith Loutit’s full interview:


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