Sukiya @ Plaza Singapura

It was an amazing day. I arranged to meet an old friend for dinner – one who I was so indebted to because he helped me with my studies back then. It’s also been a good five years since we’ve met!

Without further ado, we scheduled a dinner at Plaza Singapura – at Sukiya. I was hopping mad with excitement because it’s been a long time since I had this!

For the soup base we chose Miso, and Sukiyaki (a MUST). When my friend asked if I wanted to upgrade to premium beef for $10.90 per person, I yelled YES! It was my first time with this upgrade, and no regrets there.

As you can see in the photo above, along with the upgrade we had access to meat that has more fat and marbling. It’s so worth the upgrade, I tell you! We also had scallops were big and juicy.

Not to mention salmon fish that is SO thick and SO yummy. Slabs and slabs of salmon, free flow!

In this photo above you can see the non-premium beef, which is what you would get if you didn’t get the upgrade. You should always upgrade at Sukiya! It’s really worth it.

In the end we paid $45 per person, including GST. It was so worth it. By the way, you have to eat fast since it’s 180 minutes per table. Eat, drink, be merry!


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