Where to Date: Jurong Frog Farm

It was a perfect weekend and we wanted to get outdoors to enjoy the warmth of the sun. We hopped onto bus 975, which took us into the mystical land of Lim Chu Kang.

After alighting from the bus and doing a little bit of walking, we arrived at Jurong Frog Farm.

It was quiet, lest the excited cries of two children who were having fun scooping up bull frogs on a Sunday afternoon.

I guess if you like the outdoors and seeing new things, or observing a new way of life, this place makes for a memorable dating place.

The children posed for photos with frogs in their nets and I couldn’t help but laugh when one of them said, “Hurry, Mum! The frogs are so heavy!”

I was so amazed with the frogs because when they swam, they extended their legs fully. I was incredibly amazed! No wonder the swimming style is called frog style. I’m so impressed by the frogs!

There was a little shop at the entrance of the farm selling…you guessed it. Deep fried frog.



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