4 charity events you can’t miss in 2018

Whether you love sports, performances or simply a great workout, we have the perfect charity event for you.

1. Voices of Youth by the Singapore Red Cross

Usher in a night of music and giving at Voices of Youth, a fundraising initiative organised by Youth Members of the Singapore Red Cross. Celebrate local talent as you find out more about the various local services the Singapore Red Cross provides to its beneficiaries. Kick back, relax and unwind in a cosy setting, accompanied by stripped-down tunes to soothe the soul!

(Image Credit: Red Cross)

For more information, please visit the Red Cross.

2. Arts From The Heart

Comprising a Fun Run and a Carnival, this event aims to help raise funds and awareness for the Singapore Cancer Society. It is organised by Arts from the Heart, the charity arm of the Nanyang Technological University Cultural Activities Club (CAC). In addition to helping with a good cause, the club also hopes to promote the arts to the general public.

Join the crew on at Gardens By the Bay (East Bridge) on 24 June 2018 (Sunday), and cheer Fun Run participants on at 4.30pm!

(Image Credit: CAC)

For more information, please visit this site.

3. SPD Ability Walk 2018

(Image Credit: SPD)

The SPD Ability Walk 2018 is the third walk that the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) is organising to raise funds for its programmes and services. Whether it’s therapy, vocational skills training, assistive technology, early intervention, or day care, this event aims to enable and empower people with disabilities to be independent and self-reliant.

To foster a spirit of inclusion, everyone of different abilities will be walking together at this event. There will also be a carnival where participants can enjoy food, games, activities and stage performances. Come enjoy a fun-filled 3km walk along the Singapore River!

For more information, please visit this site!

4. Amazing Heartland Race

(Image Credit: Singapore Youth Corps)

Who says that amazing races are a thing for the young? Youth Corps Singapore is organising an Amazing Heartland Race from 7 to 21 July 2018 that aims to bring the community closer together. Though the elderly are living in separate blocks, this event aims to convey the message that they live in the same community, and as neighbours they can help and look out for one another. Interact and befriend elderly beneficiaries as you engage them in a series of creative and exciting games at the Amazing Heartland Race!

For more information, please visit this link.


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