Oh dear, what have I been missing? Did you know that SingTel has launched a really fun travel video series called Ready, Set, Roam?

Jade and Jaime have been sent to beautiful places in the region and they have great chemistry and dynamics! Some scenes are really funny too. Plus, they’re really gorgeous! You’re going to have so much fun watching these two beautiful ladies. Have fun and travel with confidence with SingTel ReadyRoam!

(Image Credit: SingTel)

Episode 1

In this episode, Jade and Jaime visit Malacca, and Jaime introduces you to the My Singtel app, which allows you to purchase a data connection plan really easily when you’re abroad. They visit Johor Yong Peng fishball place, where they had Fuzhou fishballs that are filled with meat. For their accommodation, they picked The Majestic Malacca, which once belonged to a rich tycoon in the 1920s. They also visit Mamee Jonker House, where there are loads of mamee toys! They also visit Pantai Klebang, a beautiful beach destination that does not look at all like Malacca! For their final tip, the ladies bring you to Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup, where satay celup is a must-eat!

Episode 2

Jade and Jaime head to KL, where they first stop at the Container Hotel, which is such a hipster accommodation place. Their next destination is PULP by Papa Pahelta, a specialty coffee roaster, where they learn latte art! After some coffee, the ladies head to Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh, where they had local cuisine, before scooting off to Omakase + Appreciate, a hidden speakeasy bar, where the barman will make you cocktails based on what they think you will like. Every 1GB of data costs $12!~ This trip looked like so much fun!

Episode 3

Jade & Jaime head to Bangkok and experienced life in a cell at Sook Station, a prison-themed budget hotel. They next head to Bai Pai Cooking School, where Jade seem to be lost at cooking. She’s happy with her results though. They next head to ChangChui Night Market, an upmarket shopping haven with a huge aircraft right in the middle of it. The ladies dressed up for the evening and headed to Maggie Choo’s, where there are private vaults and a fantastic underground.

Episode 4

Jade & Jaime head to Khao Yai in Thailand, which is a 3 hours’ drive away from Bangkok. They stop over at Ban Mai Chay Nam Museum & Restaurant, which is a vintage museum with plenty of toys, figurines and games. The food seem really good as well. Next, they head to Napha Kao Yai Resort, which is set in a marble quarry. They also stop by The Birder’s Lodge Cafe in Khao Yai, which is a very Instagrammable cafe with cotton candy-topped drinks! A local Farmer’s Market is just next door with fresh local produce like bread, rice and ice-cream. The next stop was a Granmonte Estate, a vineyard in Thailand!



End of Season 1!

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