I grabbed a cat-crazy friend D and a dog-crazy friend Q and off we went to a cat cafe for the first time! It’s nuts because all these years that these amazing cafes were here, the three of us never got the chance to go. One day we said, HEY. LET’S GO.

The cat cafe we went was at 241B Victoria Street (Level 3), right above Burger King. We started squealing when we were at the entrance of the quaint little cafe, which was beautifully furnished with cat towers and comfy floor seats.

The $15 entry came with a complimentary soft drink, though that wasn’t the point. I wanted to see the cats! The cafe had the names of cats and their background all over the cafe. This guy below is Elly, I believe.

This curious one below got to be Silver, I think.

Hahaha @ this funny guy! I tried to get the cat to take a selfie. D laughed and laughed at this photo, and I’ve never seen D laugh so hard before.

This peaceful cat found a cosy bowl to snuggle in.

I love these shots! The little guy was hiding in there for some time!

The cats were really lovely and didn’t mind if you touched them.

This beautiful cat reminded me of Maru with his obvious fascination for boxes.

We spent about 2 hours there before the friendly cafe staff said they’re about to close. Aw, we wish we could stay longer! Goodnight, cats! Meow!

The Cat Cafe
241B Victoria Street
Level 3

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