Where to Bring Friends: Pow Sing Restaurant

Actually, this place is perfect for family as well! It is a very typical Chinese restaurant set in a fantastic location near Chomp Chomp. It’s wonderfully air-conditioned as well, and plenty of seats across two units.

Here’s Pow Sing Restaurant’s menu!

Definitely get the chicken at $25 if you’re in a group, because each plate of chicken rice is $5 anyway. Oh the chicken is so tender and yummy! It’s so delicious omg!

Besides chicken the five of us also bought prawn rolls, and kang kong. A must, right.

One of us bought cold soy milk, which I don’t know why. Haha. Oh and we also ordered the nonya tofu, which was fried tofu that’s really delicious!

I got the lime juice for myself to quench my thirst. It was perfect to go with the food I was having as well.

Overall, yummy! I love this restaurant. I will be back, this time with my family I think. I will let my grandma try this place.

Pow Sing Restaurant
59 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555961


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