No greens today, so the restaurant kindly offered a 10% off our order!

I was overjoyed because I don’t fancy vegetables that much. Plus, a 10% off to boot! Thank you Go Noodle House for this memorable affair. 🙂

I watched two movies – Ocean’s Eight and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – in Johor Bahru before heading straight for Go Noodle House on the 5th floor of City Square in Johor. The restaurant was really comfortable and conducive, and wait staff worked really quickly and efficiently as well.

I ordered the Bursting Meatball Noodles in Spicy Soup, which was so perfect for me because it was the sweet and fragrant pork within the ball that I really love. Here is a photo of the bursting meatball:

The noodles were also really fresh and delicious. Trouble though is that the noodles broke really easily, so much chopstick skills needed here. My husband ordered the pork ball noodles, and I tried one of the pork balls. It was too porky for me! Really solid, quality pork that is very juicy and very solid. It may work for some of you but it was definitely way too porky for me. Haha.

But the bursting balls – my absolute favourite! I can’t wait to come back to get these bursting balls again!

Go Noodle House
5th Floor
City Square
Johor Bahru

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