Restaurant Zu Chuan @ Elements Mall, Melaka

It was holiday season and off we went to Melaka, where we decided to explore Melaka’s newest mall called Elements Mall. There were a couple of hotels above the mall – DoubleTree by Hilton and Hatten Place. Elements Mall was about 15-20 minutes’ walk from Hatten Hotel. Alternatively, if you would like to take a cab, they usually charge around RM15.

Elements Mall is spanking new, so they’re in their midst of getting shops to open, though there are a couple of food stalls, a Seven Eleven, and some sporting shops. I will tell you more about this mall in a separate post.

For dinner we found a noodle store called Zu Chuan Restaurant on level 10 of the mall that was famous for their mee hoon kueh. I selected Yee Mee, and thought to have it in soup, but the auntie advised me that yee mee was better dry! So dry it was. My husband went with his favourite ban mian, or so they call Pan Mee.

The noodles were pretty nice, and I should say rather generous with their toppings. I think there was only this food outlet available in the mall currently, other than Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks next door. I was personally so thankful to find some food in here! The next time I’m here, hopefully more stores will be up, and we can get some serious shopping done.

Zu Chuan Restaurant
Elements Mall


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