Where to Bring Friends: PS.Cafe @ Harding Road

This is the fourth time I’m here at PS.Cafe at Harding Road, because it has become an annual retreat site for me and two of my best friends. This is where me and my girls huddle to unwind, enjoy good food and great company, in a lovely establishment that is nestled in all of mother nature.

The chairs that we always picked are the comfiest – and allows for sinking in. This is our favourite refuge!

Without further ado – cue bossa nova music – we ordered our usual favourite: Truffle Shoestring Fries! Check out this amazing plate of truffle goodness. The natural lighting in this restaurant makes all our photos so Instagrammable!

I ordered the PS. Steak Sandwich, which was perfection. When it first came I thought it wasn’t going to be enough for me, but the steak was flavourful and good, and I was satisfied by the end of the meal.

My friends ordered these two dishes. One went with the PS.Club, a club sandwich with toasted turkish, bacon, chicken, fried egg, cheddar and cranberry vinagrette greens, which looked perfect.

The other friend went with a dish that I can’t recall! Oh dear I am so sorry that I can’t remember what this dish was. If I do remember, I will update this post.

Will be back next year for our next annual retreat! Hopefully I’ll be able to recall this mysterious dish by then. Till then!

28B Harding Rd
Singapore 249549


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