Where to Bring Friends: Traditional Penang Food @ Toa Payoh

I’m back at the Toa Payoh food alley (the secret lane behind Watson’s), and this time my friends and I decided to try the Penang Food there!

If you’re eating here on a weekday, do come at 12pm or latest by 12.10pm, because a queue starts to form after 12.15pm. We don’t blame them, because… check out the menu below!


This Penang stall’s char kway teow doesn’t come with “hum”, so don’t bother deciding if you want the “hum” or not. Instead, choose your spice level! One of us went with “less hot”, one of us went with “more hot” and one of us went with “not hot”. We burst out laughing.


Above you see a spicy version of their char kway teow – that’s the “more hot” version. When it came we got a shock because it was so red! Haha. But rest assured, because it wasn’t spicy enough for me at all.


In the photo above, you can view the “less hot” version. At least it’s in its rightful white! In addition to our char kway teows, we bought Cuttlefish Kang Kong. It was quite generous for $6, and simply perfect for the 4 of us to share.


Overall, I would say that the char kway teow is interesting, and a real delight to have Penang Char Kway Teow here, but it felt a little too soggy for me. A little less wet, and it’ll hit the nail right on the head.

Traditional Penang Food
190A Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 319196


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