If you don’t wish to spend $100,000 a month on a country club membership, that is ok!

In this post, we bring you a glimpse of country club life…at Singapore Island Country Club!

Before we show you photos of the interior, check out the Hokkien Mee. It’s totally delicious! Omg! It’s restaurant standard. For the price, it is really amazing.


This cafe is called The Lookout, and you can guess why. It overlooks an expansive, undulating golf arena dotted with luscious trees and winding paths. *sigh*

More green for you…

On a weekday at lunchtime, there are still club members around! Perhaps they’re taking a break from their golfing. The ambiance is so lovely too – cooling, refreshing, breezy.

Check out the spaciousness and the cafe’s relaxing vibe!

I had to snap photos of the menu as dining here is probably once in a lifetime. Enjoy the photos!


Did we mention that the Hokkien Mee is restaurant food, and not hawker-standard? You can taste the expensive restaurant taste in the Hokkien Mee.

So can you taste it in the satay and rojak!


We rounded up our sumptuous meal with ice kachang. How I wish my SICC friend will take me there every weekend!

By the way, don’t think of dining here without bringing a SICC member along. Before you place your order, you’ll be asked for your membership number! Haha.

The Lookout @ SICC
180 Island Club Rd
Singapore 578774

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