What happens when 6 head chefs come together? Magic happens. Yes indeed, Banyan Tree Bintan will be presenting the Best of Bintan, a 6-course degustation set dinner collaboratively curated by six esteemed Head Chefs from six resorts: Niluh Ratnawati, Banyan Tree Bintan Yudhistira Angga, Angsana Bintan Adli Nizam, Bintan Lagoon Resort Singgih Kisworo, The Canopi Lambok […]

Planning your holidays for 2019? If you are a busy worker bee who badly needs a break, we have great news for you – 26 new hotels and resorts worldwide will be launched over the next 3 years under the trusty Banyan Tree family.  If you’ve been to any Banyan Tree hotel or resort, you […]

My friend’s iPhone got stolen on a subway in Paris. She was busy handling her shopping bags, and momentarily forgot to take good care of her phone in her sling bag. Here’s how to wipe data off your stolen phone. Step 1: Change your iCloud Password Step 2: Remove your stolen iPhone from the list […]

For business freaks and entrepreneurs who love figuring out how business models co-exist, here’s a quick overview of the mobility market! Source: https://www.inov360.com/en/car-sharing-yes-but-which-one/    

It was 10pm and my mother and I were famished! The day ran late so we had to have a late dinner. Since all the restaurants and snack places in Lot One were closed by then, we figured it’ll be best to head to Pandan Gardens Fishball Noodles at Keat Hong Community Club, which was […]

I had to do a bank transfer and I was panicking, because the Standard Chartered app didn’t allow me to make any transactions. The error message was that the Security Mobile Key thing was not set or something. I googled online and realised I had to firstly set the Standard Chartered Mobile Key, because our […]

I was so excited to meet my husband at Ash & Elm at Intercontinental Hotel, because it was date night! Yes, on a weekday! We were ushered to our seats, and by the way, the tables were really big. When sitting across from him, he seemed so far away! The ambiance in the restaurant was […]