Where to Bring Mum: Paradise Dynasty @ Lot 1

It’s May Day eve! My family and I decided to head out for dinner to reward ourselves, the labourers. We thought a nearby location would be great, and at the same time I was craving for Xiao Long Bao!

We raced up the escalators when we got there, and got to the third level in a heartbeat.

We were ushered to comfy booth seats, where I gleefully scribbled down my orders on the order chit. Xiao Long Bao (original), 10 for $12.80. Yums.

My family members also decided on Kung Pao Chicken, which is Stir-Fried Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Dried Chilli – a must every time we come here.

For greens, we decided on Stir-Fried French Bean with Minced Pork and Preserved Olive Vegetables.

We also couldn’t resist the Deep-Fried Pork Ribs Dipped in Mayonnaise. It turned out to be like McSpicy’s patty, but really shiok and tender.

One of us who prefers noodles to rice ordered the Sze Chuan La Mian. I didn’t get to eat it since the person slurped it up entirely. But I figured it must be delicious. Oh I’ll have it the next time!

The verdict from my family – really delicious! The style of cooking is refined, and unlike other places (hence the price). The food isn’t oily, but has a restaurant standard. If only we could cook like this!

Will be back again for sure!

Paradise Dynasty
21 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4
Lot One Shoppers’ Mall
Singapore 689812



Where to Bring Grandma: Wok Master @ Westgate

We took grandma out for dinner, and we thought the nearby Jurong East area would be perfect for her. Jurong East has been transformed in recent years from a functional transit area to a lively, bustling town with Westgate, JEM and JCube bursting with shoppers at the seams.

All of us met up at the train station and we took her on a short walk to the basement of Westgate, where we were surprised to find a new restaurant (where Texas Chicken used to be) that appeared to be a indoor tze char place!

If you love tze char, you WILL love this place. Air-conditioned, comfortable, and really really delicious.

We ordered the following dishes – sweet and sour ribs, hei chou (prawn rolls), sambal kang kong (of course, right?) and the mussel thing, which I forgot what it’s called.

Getting into the restaurant is by no means easy, though. It was a 20-minute wait and we had to queue. But it was all worth it! Crab was also on offer but we didn’t get it.

The wait staff were really helpful and cheerful as well. In fact they also interacted with my grandma. She was delighted!

It was the four of us, and we ordered four dishes. It was perfect! We will be back. 100% recommended!

Wok Master
3 Gateway Dr, 608532



Where to Bring Mum: Jamie’s Italian Restaurant @ Forum Orchard

We entered the Jamie’s Italian restaurant really late, like 30 minutes before closing time. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t good news for us. The air-con was turned off I think towards closing time, and we were still eating. It was so stuffy. 😦

We ordered Jamie Italian’s Squid Ink Pasta, which turned out well. It was packed full of the usual seafood flavours, mussels, squid etc. We shared the pasta among the four of us. Unfortunately all I remember of that day was the stuffy environment, but I won’t harp on that further. Sorry. Haha.

Then came my “The Parma” pizza! Probably what I was look forward to the most. Topped with tomato sauce and beautiful mozzarella, and the lovely prosciutto ham, as well as rocket & parmesan. It was $28.95 but looking back, they could have been more generous on the parma ham.


Here are close-ups on the squid ink pasta. Indeed it was yummy. 🙂

We also ordered Spice Fries, which was Gennaro’s chilli rub at $7.95. Unfortunately, we’ve tried the Jamie’s Italian in Edinburgh, and this one in Singapore doesn’t come close.

All in all, I’m not exactly a fan of this Jamie’s Italian, but if I do come back, I will be sure to come way earlier!



Where to Bring Mum: Nun Song Yee

This weekend, I really wanted to bring mum out somewhere that’s family-friendly and comfortable. I decided to take my family out for Bingsu. My mother probably doesn’t know what’s a Bingsu, and I was right!

The Nunsongyee outlet that we went to is the one at Chun Tin Road, Bukit Timah. The outlet is at the corner of a block, facing the street.

We ordered a Mango Bingsu and a Chocolate Banana Bingsu. Honestly, a lot of people ordered the Oreo Bingsu and I kind of regretted ordering the Chocolate Banana Bingsu, which was just Milo powder!


Nonetheless, my mother was pretty impressed with the Bingsu. Our family, being a very typical thrifty Singaporean family, was shocked by the prices though – it was $18 for that one bowl.

The Mango Bingsu was lovely. I would also recommend the Oreo one, which seem to be a favourite!

The two Bingsus we ordered were just right for the four of us. I love the ice cream as well – it was quality ice cream that doesn’t melt fast. (A myth: My brother realized that it was the bowl that was cold!)

Bingsu at Nunsongyee – highly recommended for you and your family. 🙂

9 Yuk Tong Avenue
Singapore 596314
(A short walk from Beauty World MRT)

Where to Bring Mum: Ga Ya Geum Family Restaurant

Where should I bring my mother out this weekend? Having watched Running Man recently, I decided it was high time I brought my family out for a Korean meal. I remembered years back that my friends brought me to a Korean family restaurant at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. My family of 4 got into a cab, and off we scooted off to Bukit Timah.

Located at B2 of the shopping centre (which was pretty empty), Gayageum restaurant was a very cosy outfit. We took our seats and were handed menus.

We decided to go for A5, Pork Belly and Marinated Chicken. It looked great on the menu, but unfortunately, as you’ll later see, the pork belly is really thinly sliced and not squarish. 😦

We ordered Bulgogi noodles! The soup tasted strong, so I didn’t drink much of the soup. But the beef was delicious.

My brother, who didn’t know that Korean restaurants served side dishes, was really impressed with these colourful side dishes.


Of course I have to order my kimchi seafood pancake – which I have been craving for, for so long! $16.

This was the Set A5. Pretty disappointed with the thin pork slices. 😦

My first visit here was great but the next time I’m here, I’ll probably take beef bulgogi and pancake, and not the A5 set.

Gayageum Korean Family Restaurant
170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
Singapore 588179

Where to Bring Friends: Old Town White Coffee

It occurred to me that I’ve never actually walked into Oldtown White Coffee to have anything. I mean I like white coffee but somehow I’ve never tried the Singapore version.

So I grabbed a friend and headed to Square 2, where there’s a cosy Old Town outlet at the corner of the mall. My friend told me that it’s polite to let the wait staff know if you’re just drinking, or drinking and eating, so that they can allocate a suitable table to you. We let the auntie know that we were just drinking.

We ordered a White Coffee (Cold) and a White Tea (Hot), and had them upgraded ($5+ instead of $3+). We also wanted to order toast bread but the waitress said there are no more bread. It was 1.30pm in the afternoon! 😦

Nonetheless, the tea was really fragrant and tastes unique. I was so glad to buy the large version!

Old Town White Coffee
Square 2
#01-01, 10 Sinaran Drive, 307506

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