I never knew of this place! Tucked away in a corner of Square 2 (as many shops are), this spacious & comfy restaurant offers Dim Sum, Congee and Noodles. If you don’t want to eat ala carte, you may select from some set menus. Here are the custard buns and lotus leaf rice. We also […]

If you don’t wish to spend $100,000 a month on a country club membership, that is ok! In this post, we bring you a glimpse of country club life…at Singapore Island Country Club! Before we show you photos of the interior, check out the Hokkien Mee. It’s totally delicious! Omg! It’s restaurant standard. For the […]

Seoul Yummy has a lunch promotion! For $23.90 (2-pax set meal), you get 2 personal dishes – a ramen and a bimbimbap. You can select the toppings for both dishes. For me, I chose spam and cheese for my ramen. Plus, the $23.90 set meal comes with a kimchi pancake! This works as I LOVE […]

This place is amazing! My grandma introduced us to this food centre because it’s really big, spacious, plenty of seats, airy, and comes with all sorts of cuisine! She loves the Korean stall in particular, and so that was what we ate. We ordered beef. I think it was $6.90 or $7.90 something. Then we […]

This is probably everybody’s favourite hipster cafe in Melaka. View this post on Instagram 🍂🌿🍁🍃 A post shared by Moon Face 🌚 (@elaineyyul) on Aug 13, 2018 at 5:36am PDT Sited on the busy Jonker Street, this vintage-themed cafe serves up delectable western fare such as pancakes, pastas and salads, as well as a variety […]

I came across this amazing-looking cake from Pâtisserie Glacé at Square 2! Square 2 is like the extension of Novena Square. If you’re having a celebration or just craving for cakes, do pop by this amazing cakeshop! I will really consider this beer mug shaped cake for my cousin’s upcoming birthday. Haha! Pâtisserie Glacé 10 […]

This is really good stuff. I poured the curry and it sizzled like crazy! Make sure no one’s around you, and you would want to sit back a little more too! Overall, super delicious. Will be back for more!