My friend L is back in town and what better way than to have a sumptuous meal together? We decided to try Yayoi, a new Japanese restaurant in town. It is a Teishoku restaurant, where Teishoku is a type of Japanese set meal, in which all of the dishes in the course are served together […]

I grabbed a cat-crazy friend D and a dog-crazy friend Q and off we went to a cat cafe for the first time! It’s nuts because all these years that these amazing cafes were here, the three of us never got the chance to go. One day we said, HEY. LET’S GO. The cat cafe […]

I had an official business meeting, ah hem, so we thought one possible place to bring our partners was Soup Restaurant, which offered a conducive environment for a meal and to discuss work matters. The Soup Restaurant that we went to was the United Square branch, which was really spacious for a weekday lunch. There […]

If you don’t know where the Smith Street Market is, you’re probably not Singaporean. Yes, I’m talking about myself! I must be crazy to not know this amazing gem in Chinatown. I always thought Chinatown was just that People’s Park area. I was incredibly amazed to find out about this unknown gem! I came here […]

It was a lovely day and I met up with a secondary school friend for lunch, where we spoke about God’s love. It was also the first time I saw my friend tear up as she shared with me her experiences. For lunch she ordered Baby Crayfish Spaghetti for $23, which comes soaked in tangy […]

Oh dear, what have I been missing? Did you know that SingTel has launched a really fun travel video series called Ready, Set, Roam? Jade and Jaime have been sent to beautiful places in the region and they have great chemistry and dynamics! Some scenes are really funny too. Plus, they’re really gorgeous! You’re going […]

It was time to catch up with two good friends, as well as experience a cat cafe with them. Before heading to the cat cafe, my friend Drews somehow found himself craving for French roast chicken at Poulet. We settled down at Poulet at Bugis+, which was cosy despite being located in the middle of […]