It’s May Day eve! My family and I decided to head out for dinner to reward ourselves, the labourers. We thought a nearby location would be great, and at the same time I was craving for Xiao Long Bao! We raced up the escalators when we got there, and got to the third level in […]

When Changi Terminal 5 was unveiled at the National Day Rally in 2013, we were all stoked. More so when the beautiful visuals of Project Jewel were released. Uh oh. We forgot that this comes at a price. Who would fund these expansions? Surely not…not us?! Who’s keen to check out our newest feature garden […]

Ever wondered how can we get our tax returns automatically filled? For the majority of us, we enjoy a simplified tax filing process and we have our employers and IRAS to thank. 1.8 million of us in Singapore are fortunate to be working in companies that have participated in IRAS’ Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS). This means that most of our companies provide […]

Did you know that you might be a spreader of fake news? What are fake news? Fake news are false stories that are fabricated with the general intent to spread misinformation in societies. It could be developed to incite hatred, or influence politics to jeopardise a country’s social stability. It can also spread unnecessary worry […]

We took grandma out for dinner, and we thought the nearby Jurong East area would be perfect for her. Jurong East has been transformed in recent years from a functional transit area to a lively, bustling town with Westgate, JEM and JCube bursting with shoppers at the seams. All of us met up at the […]

I was walking home one night when I saw this poster at the bus stop. I wouldn’t have stopped to take a photo of the poster if not for the word “tribe”, which caught my attention. (Yes I do have a fascination with hidden tribes and traditions.) It seems that this Social Service Tribe organisation […]

We entered the Jamie’s Italian restaurant really late, like 30 minutes before closing time. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t good news for us. The air-con was turned off I think towards closing time, and we were still eating. It was so stuffy. 😦 We ordered Jamie Italian’s Squid Ink Pasta, which turned out well. It […]