This place is amazing! My grandma introduced us to this food centre because it’s really big, spacious, plenty of seats, airy, and comes with all sorts of cuisine! She loves the Korean stall in particular, and so that was what we ate. We ordered beef. I think it was $6.90 or $7.90 something. Then we […]

It was an amazing day. I arranged to meet an old friend for dinner – one who I was so indebted to because he helped me with my studies back then. It’s also been a good five years since we’ve met! Without further ado, we scheduled a dinner at Plaza Singapura – at Sukiya. I […]

We had yet another business meeting – ah hem – and yes, I am very important. We were looking for a lunch place that’s conducive yet reasonably priced, and discovered Froth. Located in the heart of the Central Business District, this boutique restaurant offers you modern Asian fusion fare with unique creations such as Duck […]