Here are the episodes for Happy Can Already Season 3. If you like these videos, be sure to pass on this page’s link to a friend. Enjoy! Episode 1 Liang Ximei returns in Season 3 of Happy Can Already as a judge of her neighbourhood court. Her assistant Zhan Zhu introduces Gao Youda, a public […]

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post on Season 1 of Happy Can Already. In this post, we bring you the links from Season 2 of Happy Can Already. Enjoy, and have a good laugh! Episode 1 Liang Ximei is back from China and comes home to a messy home. Albert is glad to see her […]

The Singapore government has presented three series of “Happy Can Already” or “欢喜就好“, a comedy tv series featuring Liang Xi Mei (Jack Neo), Singapore’s favourite housewife, Mark Lee, Henry Thia, and all our favourite local comedians. The following are episodes from Season 1, which was broadcast from 2 December 2016 to 3 February 2017. Enjoy! […]