If you don’t wish to spend $100,000 a month on a country club membership, that is ok! In this post, we bring you a glimpse of country club life…at Singapore Island Country Club! Before we show you photos of the interior, check out the Hokkien Mee. It’s totally delicious! Omg! It’s restaurant standard. For the […]

This weekend, I really wanted to bring mum out somewhere that’s family-friendly and comfortable. I decided to take my family out for Bingsu. My mother probably doesn’t know what’s a Bingsu, and I was right! The Nunsongyee outlet that we went to is the one at Chun Tin Road, Bukit Timah. The outlet is at […]

I went on a hike through the beautiful Macritchie forest today, though short of the treetop walk. The weather was mildly warm, we were treated to amazing hillscapes, and came across really amazingly fit people with really adventurous spirits. Once out of the jungle, we hopped on a bus and alighted at Thomson. It started […]