Where to Bring Mum: Nun Song Yee

This weekend, I really wanted to bring mum out somewhere that’s family-friendly and comfortable. I decided to take my family out for Bingsu. My mother probably doesn’t know what’s a Bingsu, and I was right!

The Nunsongyee outlet that we went to is the one at Chun Tin Road, Bukit Timah. The outlet is at the corner of a block, facing the street.

We ordered a Mango Bingsu and a Chocolate Banana Bingsu. Honestly, a lot of people ordered the Oreo Bingsu and I kind of regretted ordering the Chocolate Banana Bingsu, which was just Milo powder!


Nonetheless, my mother was pretty impressed with the Bingsu. Our family, being a very typical thrifty Singaporean family, was shocked by the prices though – it was $18 for that one bowl.

The Mango Bingsu was lovely. I would also recommend the Oreo one, which seem to be a favourite!

The two Bingsus we ordered were just right for the four of us. I love the ice cream as well – it was quality ice cream that doesn’t melt fast. (A myth: My brother realized that it was the bowl that was cold!)

Bingsu at Nunsongyee – highly recommended for you and your family. 🙂

9 Yuk Tong Avenue
Singapore 596314
(A short walk from Beauty World MRT)

Where to Date: Rochor beancurd

I went on a hike through the beautiful Macritchie forest today, though short of the treetop walk. The weather was mildly warm, we were treated to amazing hillscapes, and came across really amazingly fit people with really adventurous spirits.

Once out of the jungle, we hopped on a bus and alighted at Thomson. It started drizzling by then, and I thought, how lucky we were to have escaped from the rain!

We ran into Rocher Beancurd just as the rain started pouring. Phew! What a close call. Inside, we ordered some tau huey and a cold soy milk drink to finish off.

The tau huey was perfectly sweet and hot, making the 3-hour expedition totally worth it! It’s $1.60 per tau huey, and the drink is $1.40. Well, as the 豆浆油条 song goes, it’s innocent romance just eating this innocent tau huey. Haha.

I will definitely be back for more. I saw that they were selling fried squid at $7 as well. That must be nice too! Will be back for that someday!

Rochor Beancurd House (Upper Thomson)
232 Upper Thomson Rd
Singapore 574363


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