Where to Bring Grandma: Wok Master @ Westgate

We took grandma out for dinner, and we thought the nearby Jurong East area would be perfect for her. Jurong East has been transformed in recent years from a functional transit area to a lively, bustling town with Westgate, JEM and JCube bursting with shoppers at the seams.

All of us met up at the train station and we took her on a short walk to the basement of Westgate, where we were surprised to find a new restaurant (where Texas Chicken used to be) that appeared to be a indoor tze char place!

If you love tze char, you WILL love this place. Air-conditioned, comfortable, and really really delicious.

We ordered the following dishes – sweet and sour ribs, hei chou (prawn rolls), sambal kang kong (of course, right?) and the mussel thing, which I forgot what it’s called.

Getting into the restaurant is by no means easy, though. It was a 20-minute wait and we had to queue. But it was all worth it! Crab was also on offer but we didn’t get it.

The wait staff were really helpful and cheerful as well. In fact they also interacted with my grandma. She was delighted!

It was the four of us, and we ordered four dishes. It was perfect! We will be back. 100% recommended!

Wok Master
3 Gateway Dr, 608532



Where to Bring Friends: Old Town White Coffee

It occurred to me that I’ve never actually walked into Oldtown White Coffee to have anything. I mean I like white coffee but somehow I’ve never tried the Singapore version.

So I grabbed a friend and headed to Square 2, where there’s a cosy Old Town outlet at the corner of the mall. My friend told me that it’s polite to let the wait staff know if you’re just drinking, or drinking and eating, so that they can allocate a suitable table to you. We let the auntie know that we were just drinking.

We ordered a White Coffee (Cold) and a White Tea (Hot), and had them upgraded ($5+ instead of $3+). We also wanted to order toast bread but the waitress said there are no more bread. It was 1.30pm in the afternoon! 😦

Nonetheless, the tea was really fragrant and tastes unique. I was so glad to buy the large version!

Old Town White Coffee
Square 2
#01-01, 10 Sinaran Drive, 307506

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Where to Date: Jack’s Place @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

We finished a nice hike through the woods today and since we’ve sweated so much, we decided to treat ourselves well today. So STEAK it was!

We headed to Bukit Panjang Plaza where we recalled there was Jack’s Place on level 2 of the mall, near Harvey Norman. We took our seats in a comfy booth and were handed the lunch set menu.

It was a Sunday, so I opted for the $19.80 meal which was N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Balsamic Shallot Sauce. I was delighted because the meal comes with soup, a garlic bread slice, tea or coffee, and dessert!

Here’s the soup of the day, MUSHROOM SOUP, which I LOVE. Shiok! Eat it while it’s hot. I left mine out for too long and let’s just say it’s a lesson learnt. 😦

Here’s the steak that came on a sizzling hot plate. The helpful waitress came and asked if I would like sour cream and bacon and of course I SAID YES.

I didn’t stand up and scream that I’ve been craving for steak for more than a month.

The meat was juicy and acceptable, but somehow, after having tried Lawry’s some time back, I felt that it could be more jucy. But how could I compare $19.80 steak to $100 steak? Haha. I would say that Jack’s Place’s steak does have value, and is acceptable for the price. 🙂

Here’s the final course – tea and a small slice of cake. I thought this was lovely. It’s rare for us to experience a full meal course.

Here, you can choose to sign up for the $30 JP membership, which comes with a complimentary dinner meal – full course as well.

Thank you Jack’s Place for fulfilling my steak craving! 🙂

Jack’s Place
Bukit Panjang Plaza
#03-10 Bukit Panjang Rd
Singapore 677743

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Where to Bring Grandma: Halal Lobster Laksa @ Jurong East St 21

My aunt is back in town and of course my family has to gather and catch up. Having been deprived of all good local food, she immediately summoned us to Jurong East for lobster laksa!

The weather was perfect for laksa, but at first we had difficulty locating the stall. It’s actually the second stall when counting from the right. There isn’t much of a signage on the stall, but we were so happy to finally find it. A cheerful young chap took down our orders. He looked like the owner of the stall! Since there were 9 of us, we ordered TWO lobster laksas.

When it finally came we were in awe! If I recall correctly it’s $17.50 or something for one bowl. Two sets of these dishes were perfect for the 9 of us. There was also udon hidden beneath. We enjoyed them tremendously. Yum!

Upon leaving we got a glimpse of this really creative poster. Perfect for seafood lovers, we say!

Jenggood Jom Makan
214 Jurong East Street 21
Singapore 600214

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Where to Bring Friends: The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC)

A friend of mine said that she had a 50% off voucher for TCC in the month of January (her birth month). Being the leech that I am, I tagged along for the lunch, hoping to try out TCC’s food!

The 8 of us settled in a long row of seats, which we had reserved a day before. Since it was 50% off, I decided to indulge in TCC’s Wagyu Burger.

It comes with a grilled wagyu patty, with tiger prawns, topped with homemade garlic shrimp floss and citrus-truffle dressing. I was pleasantly surprised when it came in a toasted charcoal bun! The greens weren’t much, but I was pleasantly surprised to find truffle fries on my plate.

Unfortunately, I would say that the burger couldn’t really satisfy me. The Wagyu wasn’t juicy nor tasty, though the prawns added a refreshing taste. It looks great visually, but I just couldn’t get the kick out of this burger.

What was I doing eating burger in a coffee place? 😦 I must have been mad!

At the end of the day, I was just so relieved to get that 50% off. Phew.



Where to Bring Friends: TungLok Teahouse @ Square 2

It was a weekday lunch and I had a lunch appointment set to catch up with a secondary school friend of mine. We decided to meet in Square 2 at Novena, where we could be spoilt for choice when it comes to food.

My friend zoomed right into TungLok Teahouse, a restaurant known for its conveyor belt. We ordered a plate of seafood noodles and fried beancurd roll, and I apologise that as I was enjoying the meal so much, I didn’t manage to take a photo of the fried beancurd roll!

We placed our orders via the iPad mini and we were thrilled moments later when the food arrived on a sleek black tray next to our table. Talk about wow!

I was having so much fun taking photos of the food and the food delivery system that the waitress politely told us to send the tray back to the kitchen so that others could be served.

So I clicked the red button that was lit up, and the tray went back to the kitchen. At which point my friend shrieked, “Eh take the food! If it goes back, you better pay for it!”


I was glad I remembered to collect the food before the tray was sent back. The noodles were heavenly! It was springy, juicy and wet at the same time, and came with a generous serving of prawns and fish slices.

I definitely will be back for this dish again. It’s about $17 but it’s so yum! This restaurant is also perfect for families. Will bring mum here next time!

Tunglok Teahouse
Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive, 01-73, 307506


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Where to Date: Face Ban Mian @ Upper Serangoon View

I just visited a friend today who just gave birth to a baby boy. She lives all the way at Upper Serangoon View, which is somewhere on the edge of Sengkang. Very very far from where I lived (I’m a westie 4eva).

But my journey paid off! Just round her corner was Hougang Capeview, a BTO project with plenty of shops such as Texas Chicken (seriously!), a NTUC, and NTUC Foodfare.

Glad to be out of the sun, I settled for a simple plate of wanton noodles at NTUC Foodfare. But I saw that a queue was forming at another stall at the other section of the food court, and instinctively joined the queue.

To my greatest delight, this…this humble-looking bowl of goodness and wondrousness was SO delicious. The noodles were nice, the meatballs were nice, and the SOUP was the BEST. You have to go try it. It makes me want to travel all the way to Upper Serangoon View again!

I congratulated myself on this fine discovery. What a day well spent!

Face Ban Mian @ NTUC Foodfare
Hougang Capeview
476D Upper Serangoon View
Singapore 537476


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