Pepper Lunch @ Hillion Mall

This is really good stuff.

I poured the curry and it sizzled like crazy! Make sure no one’s around you, and you would want to sit back a little more too!

Overall, super delicious. Will be back for more!


5 things you must really do at Pavilion @ Kuala Lumpur

  1. Visit Tokyo Street

There’s a lovely section of Pavilion dotted with Japanese restaurants and cheery replicas of cherry blossom trees. You just have to be here. The wooden furnishing and detailing are amazing here.

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2. Eat Suki-ya

While you’re there in Tokyo Street, have lunch!

At Suki-ya, lunch is from 11.30am – 5pm, and dinner is from 5pm – 10pm. You get 120 minutes of eating for *RM32.80++ (lunch) or RM39.80++ (dinner). The queue, however, is insane. What you should do is either queue early, or avoid the usual meal timings. Instead of beef, chicken and pork, they serve beef, chicken and lamb. It’s really interesting. You should try! The green tea ice cream is a must too!

3. Din Tai Fung

Another crowd pleaser is Din Tai Fung! Waiting time expected too. What’s not to love at Din Tai Fung? Definitely must go!

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Dim sum party 🙌🏼

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4. Watch movie

You definitely must catch a movie here. Pick a movie that’s screening at Theatres 1 or 2, as they are the huge ones that’s really grand and huge. Seats at the other theatres (3 to 10) are rather squeezy and not that comfortable.

5. Explore the outside

Step outside Pavilion and check out this amazing exterior! Being there is even more amazing. And look across the road for the beautifully-sculptured Sephora building. There’s so much to do at Pavilion. I was there for all 3 days over the National Day weekend. Love it so much. We will be back!

Where to Bring Friends: Yayoi Teishoku Japanese Restaurant @ United Square

My friend L is back in town and what better way than to have a sumptuous meal together? We decided to try Yayoi, a new Japanese restaurant in town. It is a Teishoku restaurant, where Teishoku is a type of Japanese set meal, in which all of the dishes in the course are served together as a set.

For the life of me, as I’m writing this post, I can’t recall what was it that I ordered. I can’t even remember if I ordered chicken or pork! I have a feeling it was the Tonkatsu Teishoku, or Pork Loin Cutlet Set, at $15.90. Actually no. I think it was the Miso Katsu Teishoku, or Simmered Pork Loin Cutlet in Miso Paste Set, at $15.90.


The meal was truly sumptuous but perhaps it’s me who’s not quite used to thick slices of pork. The pork was really thick and juicy. Others may be pleased but strangely I’m not. There was also an empty bowl, which I wondered a lot about.

Overall the restaurant provided a cosy, peaceful ambience that was perfect for catching up with friends. There’s definitely quality in the food. I will be back for other dishes (if my wallet’s fat enough for the day).

United Square
101 Thomson Rd
Singapore 307591


Where to Bring Friends: Keisuke Takeda’s Duck Ramen Restaurant, Holland Village

If you’ve been stunned by the polished new Raffles Medical building at Holland Village, you have been far away for too long. Today, SG Daybook brings you to Ginza Kamosoba Kyudaime Keisuke, a lovely duck ramen restaurant in Holland Village.

Locate this outstanding red Japanese façade (somewhat near 7-Eleven) that leads you up the stairs to a brightly lit ramen restaurant. At the top, a friendly restaurant staff will take you to a cosy corner with your friends, where you’ll be impressed by the beautiful Japanese-themed décor of the restaurant. It will be easy to forget that you’re still in Singapore.

Duck 8.jpeg

Two highlight dishes (at least for me) will catch your eye – a Hybrid Duck Broth Ramen (Rich Soup) @ $14.90 and a Spicy Miso Hybrid Duck Broth Ramen @ $16.50. What I loved about the restaurant is that you can customise your ramen. Select from “Light”, “Normal” or “Heavy” for your broth – in which case I recommend “Normal”. (“Heavy” is too salty for me and I couldn’t finish the broth.) For the noodles, select the shortest cooking time to keep your noodles springy and chewy.

Duck 3

You can choose to add a flavoured egg for $2, or enjoy the complimentary eggs and cooked beansprouts if you’re dining in. Get your dips ready and enjoy exploring the different variations the sauces provide!

Don’t forget to top off your dinner with an organized-looking set of gyoza. 10 pieces were just right for the 4 of us. Yum!

Duck 6

16 Lor Mambong
Singapore 277677
6463 4344


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