Seoul Yummy

Seoul Yummy has a lunch promotion!

For $23.90 (2-pax set meal), you get 2 personal dishes – a ramen and a bimbimbap. You can select the toppings for both dishes.

For me, I chose spam and cheese for my ramen.

Plus, the $23.90 set meal comes with a kimchi pancake! This works as I LOVE KIMCHI PANCAKE. I will be back!

Seoul Yummy
Square 2
10 Sinaran Dr
Singapore 307506


New Food Centre @ 101 Yung Sheng Road (Taman Jurong)

This place is amazing!

My grandma introduced us to this food centre because it’s really big, spacious, plenty of seats, airy, and comes with all sorts of cuisine! She loves the Korean stall in particular, and so that was what we ate.


We ordered beef. I think it was $6.90 or $7.90 something. Then we ordered the kimchi soup as well, which I think was $6.90 or $7.90.


My brother ate the roast meat rice, which was a very generous serving as well.

The two Korean dishes we ordered were perfect for me and my grandma. In fact, it was a little too much food for the both of us! Will be back next time. Really affordable hawker fare here.


101 Yung Sheng Rd
Singapore 618497
(The old Jurong cinema)