Seoul Yummy has a lunch promotion! For $23.90 (2-pax set meal), you get 2 personal dishes – a ramen and a bimbimbap. You can select the toppings for both dishes. For me, I chose spam and cheese for my ramen. Plus, the $23.90 set meal comes with a kimchi pancake! This works as I LOVE […]

This weekend, I really wanted to bring mum out somewhere that’s family-friendly and comfortable. I decided to take my family out for Bingsu. My mother probably doesn’t know what’s a Bingsu, and I was right! The Nunsongyee outlet that we went to is the one at Chun Tin Road, Bukit Timah. The outlet is at […]

Where should I bring my mother out this weekend? Having watched Running Man recently, I decided it was high time I brought my family outĀ for a Korean meal. I remembered years back that my friends brought me to a Korean family restaurant at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. My family of 4 got into a cab, […]