Where to Bring Friends: Curry Gardenn @ Turf City Grandstand

Some friends wanted to catch up and one of them wanted curry and naan. When you want curry and naan, where do you go? Curry Gardenn!

I’ve walked past Curry Gardenn plenty of times at The Grandstand but never actually tried it.

My curry-deprived friend ordered for us plenty of sauces and dips to go with the butter naans. For the life of me, I don’t know what he ordered on our behalf, but I was pleasantly surprised by the array and colour of his selections.

There was fish, mutton, etc, but they all had one thing in common – they’re all handmade! I couldn’t believe that the dips were handmade, and they were all so fresh and looked so healthy. When you eat it, it also feels healthy and very tasty!

The following photo is funny – this plate landed at our table by mistake. Haha. But it looks so interesting and I’ll be sure to order it the next time!

As I wasn’t in charge of ordering, I can’t list the names of the dips. But please feel free to show the staff these photos and they’ll be able to tell you what these dishes are!

My friend ordered 4 naan for the 4 of us. But because I’m such a greedy person, it wasn’t quite enough for me.

Thankfully, we also had Mango Lassi, which was to my delight freshly squeezed, and very mango-y and thick. SO MUCH LOVE. Be sure to order the mango lassi for that refreshing kick! This place works for both family and friends. Highly recommended. Will bring mum here next time!

Curry Gardenn
200 Turf Club Road, #01-06
Singapore 287994

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