The Lookout @ Singapore Island County Club

If you don’t wish to spend $100,000 a month on a country club membership, that is ok!

In this post, we bring you a glimpse of country club life…at Singapore Island Country Club!

Before we show you photos of the interior, check out the Hokkien Mee. It’s totally delicious! Omg! It’s restaurant standard. For the price, it is really amazing.


This cafe is called The Lookout, and you can guess why. It overlooks an expansive, undulating golf arena dotted with luscious trees and winding paths. *sigh*

More green for you…

On a weekday at lunchtime, there are still club members around! Perhaps they’re taking a break from their golfing. The ambiance is so lovely too – cooling, refreshing, breezy.

Check out the spaciousness and the cafe’s relaxing vibe!

I had to snap photos of the menu as dining here is probably once in a lifetime. Enjoy the photos!


Did we mention that the Hokkien Mee is restaurant food, and not hawker-standard? You can taste the expensive restaurant taste in the Hokkien Mee.

So can you taste it in the satay and rojak!


We rounded up our sumptuous meal with ice kachang. How I wish my SICC friend will take me there every weekend!

By the way, don’t think of dining here without bringing a SICC member along. Before you place your order, you’ll be asked for your membership number! Haha.

The Lookout @ SICC
180 Island Club Rd
Singapore 578774


Where to Bring Friends: Green View Cafe @ Far East Plaza

Welcome to Far East Plaza! Here, lots of hidden gems await, especially on the upper floors. If you go to the fourth floor, you will find this cosy little outfit at #04-08, where a friendly auntie will take your order at a little booth.

I tried the Mee Hoon Kueh that day, which was $4.50 and very delicious. Go ahead to ask for spice because it ain’t that spicy.

I also ordered a plum juice that was very natural and very refreshing.

My friend ordered the soup version of the Mee Hoon Kueh, which she claims is really nice.


This was my dry Mee Hoon Kueh below. Very yummy and smacking delicious!

At the corner of my eye I spotted some dumplings, both fried and non-fried. I decided to get four each. It’s 80 cents apiece. I felt that the fried ones were nicer, though the amount of meat was also pretty disappointing. The non-fried ones were kind of meek and totally disappointing.

Greenview Cafe
Far East Plaza #04-08
14 Scotts Rd
Singapore 228213

Restaurant Zu Chuan @ Elements Mall, Melaka

It was holiday season and off we went to Melaka, where we decided to explore Melaka’s newest mall called Elements Mall. There were a couple of hotels above the mall – DoubleTree by Hilton and Hatten Place. Elements Mall was about 15-20 minutes’ walk from Hatten Hotel. Alternatively, if you would like to take a cab, they usually charge around RM15.

Elements Mall is spanking new, so they’re in their midst of getting shops to open, though there are a couple of food stalls, a Seven Eleven, and some sporting shops. I will tell you more about this mall in a separate post.

For dinner we found a noodle store called Zu Chuan Restaurant on level 10 of the mall that was famous for their mee hoon kueh. I selected Yee Mee, and thought to have it in soup, but the auntie advised me that yee mee was better dry! So dry it was. My husband went with his favourite ban mian, or so they call Pan Mee.

The noodles were pretty nice, and I should say rather generous with their toppings. I think there was only this food outlet available in the mall currently, other than Shih Lin Taiwan Street Snacks next door. I was personally so thankful to find some food in here! The next time I’m here, hopefully more stores will be up, and we can get some serious shopping done.

Zu Chuan Restaurant
Elements Mall

Where to Date: Go Noodle House @ City Square, JB

No greens today, so the restaurant kindly offered a 10% off our order!

I was overjoyed because I don’t fancy vegetables that much. Plus, a 10% off to boot! Thank you Go Noodle House for this memorable affair. 🙂

I watched two movies – Ocean’s Eight and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom – in Johor Bahru before heading straight for Go Noodle House on the 5th floor of City Square in Johor. The restaurant was really comfortable and conducive, and wait staff worked really quickly and efficiently as well.

I ordered the Bursting Meatball Noodles in Spicy Soup, which was so perfect for me because it was the sweet and fragrant pork within the ball that I really love. Here is a photo of the bursting meatball:

The noodles were also really fresh and delicious. Trouble though is that the noodles broke really easily, so much chopstick skills needed here. My husband ordered the pork ball noodles, and I tried one of the pork balls. It was too porky for me! Really solid, quality pork that is very juicy and very solid. It may work for some of you but it was definitely way too porky for me. Haha.

But the bursting balls – my absolute favourite! I can’t wait to come back to get these bursting balls again!

Go Noodle House
5th Floor
City Square
Johor Bahru

Where to Bring Friends: Hiang Ji Roasted Meat Noodle House

I’ve always walked around Toa Payoh Hub without realising that there was an amazing back alley I have been missing out on! The back alley had a row of shops selling amazing local cuisine like chwee kueh as well as wantan noodles!

My wonderful friends brought me to this shop called Hiang Ji Roasted Meat Noodle House. It was just walking distance from the MRT. Boy, where have I been! I have been missing out big time!

The wanton noodles was $5 per person, and you can add on that row of roasted pork above (6 slices) for $2. So my wanton noodles was $7 ok! Siao!

But it was so worth it because it’s really delicious. The six of us also shared dumpling soup, which was such a treat. You can choose 6, 8 or 10 dumplings and we chose 10.

Overall, it was such a fantastic day. I definitely will be back for more. This time, I will try the roast meat combination, which was $30 or something like that!

Hiang Ji Roasted Meat Noodle House
190 Lor 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310190

Where to Date: Pandan Gardens Fishball Noodles @ Keat Hong Community Club

I love, love, love this amazing place. First of all, please note that Keat Hong Community Club is in Choa Chu Kang, and Choa Chu Kang Community Centre is in Keat Hong! Haha.

If you want to eat the following dishes, please head to Keat Hong Community Club, which is right opposite Lot One.

It is a peaceful cafe with high ceilings and friendly staff. Queue and order at the counter, and pick from different noodle sets. For me I love meatballs. My husband selected fish ball noodles. The noodles were really delicious.

I also loved that we could pick out some fried food to go with our noodles. We selected ngoh hiang and chicken cutlet.

Here’s the array of selection for you to pick from!

You could also upgrade your set and get a drink for a dollar, which we did.

Yum yum! A perfect place to date in a comfy environment.

The cafe was beautifully furnished as well with plenty of seats. Go get your noodles today! I will be back again. I’m totally a regular.

Pandan Gardens Fishball Noodles
Keat Hong Community Club
2 Choa Chu Kang Loop #01-02
Singapore 689687


Where to Date: Jing Mei Big Prawn Noodles

If you don’t know where the Smith Street Market is, you’re probably not Singaporean. Yes, I’m talking about myself! I must be crazy to not know this amazing gem in Chinatown. I always thought Chinatown was just that People’s Park area. I was incredibly amazed to find out about this unknown gem!

I came here with my husband at around 9pm, and all the shops were already either closed or wrapping up. Thankfully he spotted a stall that was still open  – Jing Mei Big Prawn Noodles. The prices were incredibly reasonable, and to his greatest surprise the prawns were big and juicy!

It’s definitely worth coming to this amazing market to get the best of Singapore’s local food. I also heard there’s a famous dumpling stall! Will be back to try the famous dumplings!

Jing Mei Big Prawn Noodles
335 Smith St
Singapore 050335