Where to Bring Mum: Jamie’s Italian Restaurant @ Forum Orchard

We entered the Jamie’s Italian restaurant really late, like 30 minutes before closing time. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t good news for us. The air-con was turned off I think towards closing time, and we were still eating. It was so stuffy. 😦

We ordered Jamie Italian’s Squid Ink Pasta, which turned out well. It was packed full of the usual seafood flavours, mussels, squid etc. We shared the pasta among the four of us. Unfortunately all I remember of that day was the stuffy environment, but I won’t harp on that further. Sorry. Haha.

Then came my “The Parma” pizza! Probably what I was look forward to the most. Topped with tomato sauce and beautiful mozzarella, and the lovely prosciutto ham, as well as rocket & parmesan. It was $28.95 but looking back, they could have been more generous on the parma ham.


Here are close-ups on the squid ink pasta. Indeed it was yummy. 🙂

We also ordered Spice Fries, which was Gennaro’s chilli rub at $7.95. Unfortunately, we’ve tried the Jamie’s Italian in Edinburgh, and this one in Singapore doesn’t come close.

All in all, I’m not exactly a fan of this Jamie’s Italian, but if I do come back, I will be sure to come way earlier!