How can we live without plastic bags?

Channel NewsAsia’s Talking Point did a video titled, “How to live without plastic bags: A challenge”. The challenge was really getting people to live without the use of plastic bags in their daily lives. Note: Screen grabs are all from CNA’s video.

A survey found that more than a quarter of households in Singapore have more than 20 plastic bags lying around at home.

Hence Diana Ser put two Singaporeans were put to the test- Jeffrey, 28, a Public Relations consultant, and Anita, 43, a heart valve specialist.

Diana then confiscated all the plastic bags in their houses! They were not to use plastic bags for the week.

Here’s how Jeffrey and Anita learnt to live without plastic bags.

  1. Bring your own bag for buying food


Jeffrey said that it’s too hot to carry all the way back, and he didn’t think it through. Haha. So a lesson learnt – bring your own reusable bag, or a tote bag, for your food.

2.      Use a trolley


Anita brought along a trolley and recyclable bags when buying vegetables and supermarket goods.

3.    Line bins with newspapers

This is really innovative. But geez… won’t the newspapers disintegrate with wet stuff?


4.    Separate wet and dry waste

Anita shows you the method of separating wet and dry waste. Throw your wet waste in a separate container, like perhaps an old ice cream box.


Question. How is Anita going to empty both bins? Just empty the bins down the rubbish chute straight away? Or perhaps wrap with newspaper and then throw away.

Second nagging question: Where are we going to get newspapers? For some families, they’ve already started reading their news online, and not subscribe to the physical papers.

At least for now, these solutions are quite interesting. Hopefully we can get more people on board! Click here to watch Channel NewsAsia’s video – it’s pretty interesting to watch.