Where to Date: Ash & Elm @ Intercontinental Hotel

I was so excited to meet my husband at Ash & Elm at Intercontinental Hotel, because it was date night! Yes, on a weekday!

We were ushered to our seats, and by the way, the tables were really big. When sitting across from him, he seemed so far away!

The ambiance in the restaurant was amazing. Large comfy seats, quiet ambiance, really high ceiling… it was beautiful and perfect for two.

I ordered Tenderloin ($58), which was just 200 grams, and I had it at medium rare. I was so drawn to it because it says “grass-fed”, and I knew for sure it would be something.

When it came on this huge steakboard I knew we were on to something. I cut the steak.., I ate a tiny slice, and I was in heaven! It was so juicy and unbelievable tender! It almost felt like you could swallow it. It was amazing. I believe it’s the best I ever had.

We also ordered Truffle Mashed Potatoes, which was absolutely divine. It’s $18, and I can see why. The truffle was certainly there, and I told my husband that he has to definitely learn this recipe and make it for me!

By the way, for the steak sauce, you can choose:

1) Lyonnaise Butter

2) Pepper Corn

3) Natural Juice.

For me pepper was pretty normal, and so we picked Natural Juice and Lyonnaise Butter. Natural Juice turned out to be pretty ‘meaty’ in taste, which my husband loved. I preferred Lyonnaise Butter, which was melted butter with some chopped green stuff in it… maybe rosemary or thyme. Loved the experience and service so much.

Will save up and will be back!


Where to Date: Jack’s Place @ Bukit Panjang Plaza

We finished a nice hike through the woods today and since we’ve sweated so much, we decided to treat ourselves well today. So STEAK it was!

We headed to Bukit Panjang Plaza where we recalled there was Jack’s Place on level 2 of the mall, near Harvey Norman. We took our seats in a comfy booth and were handed the lunch set menu.

It was a Sunday, so I opted for the $19.80 meal which was N.Z. Ribeye Steak with Balsamic Shallot Sauce. I was delighted because the meal comes with soup, a garlic bread slice, tea or coffee, and dessert!

Here’s the soup of the day, MUSHROOM SOUP, which I LOVE. Shiok! Eat it while it’s hot. I left mine out for too long and let’s just say it’s a lesson learnt. 😦

Here’s the steak that came on a sizzling hot plate. The helpful waitress came and asked if I would like sour cream and bacon and of course I SAID YES.

I didn’t stand up and scream that I’ve been craving for steak for more than a month.

The meat was juicy and acceptable, but somehow, after having tried Lawry’s some time back, I felt that it could be more jucy. But how could I compare $19.80 steak to $100 steak? Haha. I would say that Jack’s Place’s steak does have value, and is acceptable for the price. 🙂

Here’s the final course – tea and a small slice of cake. I thought this was lovely. It’s rare for us to experience a full meal course.

Here, you can choose to sign up for the $30 JP membership, which comes with a complimentary dinner meal – full course as well.

Thank you Jack’s Place for fulfilling my steak craving! 🙂

Jack’s Place
Bukit Panjang Plaza
#03-10 Bukit Panjang Rd
Singapore 677743

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